The A. COSTA PEREIRA / THERMAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT, Ltd. (GET), applied to the Incentive System Qualification and Internationalization of PME according to the Notice for Proposals (No. 07/SI/2011) which encourages investment projects minding the capacity of the company, through the use of dynamic competitiveness factors, strengthening its ability to ensure faster gains in terms of greater orientation of the internal product to foreign demand.

The project embodying the present application called Q&I GET - Qualification and Internationalization, unequivocally meets the goals and priorities referred in then Notice. Thus, this project is promoted by a small company which operates in the elaboration of studies, projects and consultancy in the field of Plant & Mechanical Equipment Production, Transportation, and Distribution of Thermal Energy in general for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (AVAC), the study and application of measures of Rational Use of Energy (RUE) in buildings, the Energy Certification in accordance with (SCE), and in the Industry, Energy Audits performing in accordance with the Management System Intensive Energy Consumption (SCGIE). GET dedicates it’s activity equally to Renewable Energies in general, Conditioning of buildings by Radiant Surfaces for environmental comfort. Intending, this way, to reach higher levels of competitiveness through a qualified growth and trough a geographical diversification of markets.

This commitment is reflected in the following types of investments: (i) organization, management and ICT; (ii) Internationalization; (iii) Development and engineering of products, services and processes; (iv) Sales and marketing (v) Quality; (vi) Digital Economy; (vii) Social Responsibility, Health and Safety at Work; (viii) Industrial Property. Clearly all types listed are aimed at the qualification of the company, other than the type (ii), which is very oriented towards internationalization.

1. Organization and Management and ICT:
Through the organization, planning and optimization of working, in parallel with the stimulation of the management control instruments. For proper and faster access to information and quality as it is presented to the decision-making and to define the path to follow, supported by the introduction of new tools and planning systems and control activities. Investments are planned in the computer system, the training of human resources and the hiring of a qualified professional in the area of ​​Quality Management, which will also have a decisive stand in the general organization of the company. 2. Product Development and Engineering, Services and Processes: Product Development and Engineering and Processes through insurance of the capabilities and activity monitoring mainly through the implementation of new management monitoring methods and productivity monitoring.

3. Internationalization
Through travelling to target markets, particularly in Brazil and Mozambique, given the mission to develop the company's commercial policy in the international market, creating synergies with the potential customers and partners in the Brazilian and Mozambican market. Through the hiring of a qualified professional who will be given the responsibility of, in agreement with the Management, develop the activity of the company to the international market.

4. Trading and Marketing
Through the hiring of specialized services to help the company establish and develop their Marketing Plan. The qualified professional in the international area will also be responsible for, in agreement with the Management, institute the Business Plan and the reorganization of business processes. The business plan, framed by the Marketing Plan, will take part as a guideline to follow for penetration in the national and international markets, fundamental to the growth strategy of the business.

5. Quality
With the implementation of the Quality Management System according to NP ISO 9001:2008 and certification. It is planned to hire a qualified professional to monitor and manage the implementation and subsequent maintenance of the Quality System. This framework will also have the responsibility to intervene in any organizational model and management of the company, being a pillar of support for the management of these areas.

6. Digital Economy
Through the reformulation of the website and a business communication infrastructure in web platform. This approach to the digital economy aims to achieve a better image of its business model through the introduction of new client interaction functionalities, introducing images of works whose projects were developed by GET.

7. Social Responsibility, Safety & Health at Work
In this Typology it is intended to enhance skills in the following areas,​ ​Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work, through specific professional training.

8. Industrial Property
This typology is intended to register the brand in international markets, particularly in Brazil and Mozambique. This project concerns investments consistent with their relevance and as to their suitability for typologies listed, all of them representing the dynamic factors of competitiveness.